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The Room

The Room 131ackknight
Replay Value:

PROS: Gorgeous, Good use of touch screen, challenging

CONS: Short, requires patience


Worth it.

Overview: I must admit that I was always wary of the hidden object genre before playing Fireproof’s The Room.  However, the combination of the high-definition graphics, the eerie and chilling immersive soundtrack, and the difficult-yet-satisfying puzzles make this game completely worth the purchase.

The deets:  You find yourself in a room with a box.  Not just any box; a box left behind by an alchemist of sorts.  You seem destined to find out what’s inside, but before you do – you must test the limits of your intelligence by solving the clues he set before you.  The box is locked up securely, and only to be re-opened by the most worthy.  With the eyepiece, you traverse into the aether to solve parts of the puzzles, demonstrating how interesting the prize at the end must be.

This game is more than a seek-and-find; it’s a puzzle game wrapped in a hidden-object skin.  The developers of this game really make use of the medium of the touch screen.  You aren’t so much pointing and tapping as you are turning, twisting, flicking, and spining on your way to unwravelling the mysteries of the box.

The story feels a bit tacked on, and the game is over a bit faster than one would hope with little resolution, but if you are looking for an interesting puzzle game that will entertain your brain for a few hours as well as satisfy your fantasy craving, you can do worse than purchase The Room for your iPad.

Download the Room from the iTunes store.

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