Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Christine Celis

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a dream come true for (potentially psychopathic) people like me who plan on taking over the world. The terrifying (or perhaps AMAZING) thing about this game is that you get to design the next plague that can wipe out the population of an entire country, until it spreads all over the world. Designer viruses? Uhm, yes please.

You have different disease types to choose from, with “bio-weapon” as my disease of choice as it is described as an “Exceptionally lethal pathogen that kills everything it touches” on the game.

Kills. Everything. It. Touches.

It’s like the Midas touch for sinister people! That’s actually makes reaching the game’s ultimate goal of killing every last human on earth easier! But to each his own, so I’ll let you choose your own poison for the human race. I also must add: YOU CAN NAME YOUR OWN PANDEMIC!

The game has a sense of realism mixed into it, with you using research points into discovering methods that can make your weapon spread faster across the globe. Another thing is that you must be able to keep your pandemic aggressive and at the same time hush-hush so as to not alert the world that the end of humanity is arriving soon because of your evil genius ways.

I highly recommend this game, especially if you have something dark and evil living within you. Or if you think that the world is getting too crowded that the only solution is for a new plague to kick in—a plague that you designed and personalized!

The only thing I didn’t like is the waiting for my DNA points to get higher and waiting for my disease to kill off the population in some parts of Asia and Europe. I’m about to kill off humanity! Things like that shouldn’t wait if it’s already bound to happen!

Still, all that waiting didn’t put me off from playing the game. Patience comes to those who wait, and as of writing time, I’m still waiting for my death count to reach 60% of the world’s population. Get 99.99% of the population killed, you’re screwed. You must reach 100%! See, this game is frustrating and addicting at the same time!

It will take a lot of careful execution and planning for you to create a disease that can spread fast enough. Do too much planning and you’re stuck with a disease that kills a carrier before he can infect someone. Don’t do enough planning and you get a disease that gets a vaccine before it even gets big.

But all kidding aside, Plague Inc. is actually an excellent game if you look past the morbidity of its concept. Personally, this is the most evil that I can get so it’s a good form of release. However, if you’re conscience is against the premise of the game, then don’t play it

There’s something curiously odd about that high feeling that you can get whenever you see the death toll grow higher. Then again, this must be all the pent-up anger that I have for everyone else.

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